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We actively craft bespoke marketing strategies, to deliver together, long-term, for our clients prosperity

Thoroughbred continues to deliver marketing even when our clients get busy

Thoroughbred Marketing can combine the following to Unleash Client Reputations

Marketing a business is quite simply ‘common sense applied’.  Marketing isn’t all smoke and mirrors.

At Thoroughbred we whole heartedly believe anyone in business can do their own marketing.  We appreciate, some would achieve better results than others. Fundamentally, management know their target customers and product range inside out, the basis to underpin every businesses marketing activity.

In reality, we find many businesses run out of time, inspiration, energy and comfort zone to deliver their own marketing activity, consistently.  To write engaging content, produce attention grabbing graphic design to fully unleash brand messages, extensive marketing skills are required.  We know some elements rapidly become overwhelming and marketing slips down, behind other items on the to-do list, so fails to gain any traction.

Having people in a business who can conduct all the core elements of marketing, whilst sorting copy writing, website updates, video editing, social media planning, posting and analytical review to name a few, is a huge ask.

Many businesses start with great marketing aspirations, they get busy with the day job and run out of steam before they are anywhere near a point where their brand truly gets unleashed.

This is where Thoroughbred steps in, we review, create and agree a direction and set to work.

Why would a business engage Thoroughbred to conduct our business marketing?

Marketing of businesses is at the heart of everything Thoroughbred has ever produced for our clients. 
When we originally started trading, marketing was perhaps a bit ‘way out there’ for some. 
It’s OK, we used our marketing passion to steer  compelling Design, arrange tactile Print and Promotional Products to increase the diversity of our marketing capabilities.  We build websites, create strategies and deliver social media campaigns. 

How does Thoroughbred Marketing work?

Somerset based, Thoroughbred Marketing works with businesses, locally and nationally, to promote their corporate reputation to their target markets anywhere in the world.  Thoroughbred Marketing conducts retainer based business marketing for either short term projects to launch a product or new service, or on a longer-term basis.  We have experience of dovetailing into existing marketing strategies and incorporate our skill base into a team. Alternatively, Thoroughbred can completely take over the client’s business marketing operations as a remote marketing department, relieving the pressure on those who are juggling their time to promote the business on top of their other roles.  

Utilising technology to work from our office (or homes!) for our clients, is paramount to make our external marketing capabilities work in clients businesses.  Thoroughbred Marketing has great broadband connectivity and all the added extras including social media creation, graphic design, copywriting, promotional product sourcing, web design and print management in house.

Taking the role of a business’ marketing department, we get to know who we need to contact to ask questions, to confirm queries quickly so projects are not stalled.  The more Thoroughbred does, the more knowledge we absorb, the more marketing we can do, with the minimum of guidance and client input – just how a marketing department should be. 

When Marketing for our clients we jointly confirm a marketing strategy to compliment the aims and objectives of the business.  Breaking down the elements of the strategy into a deliverable marketing plan and action the individual marketing elements.  Thoroughbred regularly report back on results, we discuss and amend actions accordingly to keep building marketing momentum.

We’ve been conducting marketing for companies since 2004, so we’ve been around a while.  We still function with the ethos of ‘the day we stop learning, we get out’.  Good job each member of the Thoroughbred marketing team loves learning, as business marketing is an ever-evolving combination of promotional tactics, based on traditional underpinning skills.

A Marketing Tip …

When putting a business on to social media – friends, neighbours and connections are encouraged to share the posts far and wide.  Ensure anyone looking at the posts and profile are able to find out where the business is based, let people know exactly where you are (you will be surprised how many don’t!).   Make time to review your bios and key information regularly!

Marketing needs to be integral in an organisation...

For continued business attainment, marketing needs to be integral in business processes, linked to long term strategic plans.

Thoroughbred Marketing started trading in October 2004 

We have learnt a lot in that time and whilst the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, the tactics used have changed dramatically. 

For our clients we have produced over

separate jobs

Honestly, we have no idea how many individually designed, printed or marketing projects that equates to!

Physically printed items produced 100’s and 100’s of thousands!


have worked with Thoroughbred Marketing throughout its years of trading .

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and many other connections we call upon when needed.

Thoroughbred Marketing has diverse experience of Unleashing Corporate Reputations

 If you are wondering if and how we could help you and your business grow its audience, please get in touch.  Call, email, connect via social media, visit, write a letter – use whatever method of contacting us suits you and we can work out the best way forward.

We look forward to hearing from you.

From Carly and Team Thoroughbred