Graphic Design, Corporate Branding and Logo Design

A brand and business logo conveys so much about a company, in an instant. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ underpins what great corporate logos and branding do.

At Thoroughbred we ensure we add our marketing knowledge into the mix when working with our clients to create a logo, bringing their ongoing brand to life. Before we even start to create a logo we ensure the client considers how a brand will be rolled out to their target markets (great story about an organisation creating a new logo ‘in house to save money’ and forgot to budget the £3m for the roll out – yes seriously!).

Logo design – is it just about colour?

We use our experience to aid discussions about fonts and colour options for potential logos, for seamless brand roll out.
We help customers consider which colours reflect the business?
We advise on colours that will produce better than others, across different printed and digital uses?

What about an icon alongside a logo text?

We discuss inspiration of imagery with our clients to include in our considerations and suggestions to sit alongside any wording included in a logo design.

Logo design is about so much more than choosing a font and combining it with a graphic. Understanding a customers’ target clients and business aspirations, enable us to bring ideas to the design process with the aim of producing truly engaging logos.