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Marketing to Unleash Corporate Reputations since 2004

Marketing a business is quite simply ‘common sense applied’. Marketing isn’t smoke and mirrors. At Thoroughbred we whole heartedly believe anyone in business can do their own marketing. Of course, we appreciate some would conduct their marketing with more success than others. Fundamentally businesses and their management know their target customers and product range inside out.

In reality we find many businesses run out of time, inspiration, energy or comfort zone to deliver their own marketing consistently. Many can start with great aspirations, they get busy with the day job and run out of steam before they get anywhere near to a point where their brand really gets unleashed.

Thoroughbred is proud to work with amazing clients

What does Marketing include …

Marketing encompasses a variety of methods to Unleash Corporate Reputations into the line of sight of the target market. Gone are the days when an advert in a Yellow Pages or two would sustain a business, year round.

Business Marketing is now about …

Business Marketing involves a combination of digital and traditional marketing techniques, which promote and keep your brand in front of potential customers. When considering when and how to market a business, it is important to understand who your target markets are, where they are and the best combination of marketing methods, to raise awareness of you business within those markets.

Are you missing any simple marketing tricks? …

Whatever business marketing is conducted, it is important the basics are covered before anything too complicated is started.

Are your business contact details correct and up to date, everywhere – on and off line?  A bit of proof reading and some search engine checks are always a good idea, now and again to double check.

Is Marketing integral?

Does your content explain your services to those who are not 100% sure exactly what your business does? Explain acronyms, make content easy for all to understand – it all starts to bring marketing into your thought processes.

Make it easy for others to comprehend what you do and therefore communicate clearly to those you would like to do business with.

How does Thoroughbred Marketing work with its clients?

Somerset based, Thoroughbred Marketing works with businesses, locally and nationally, to promote their corporate reputation to their target markets anywhere in the world. Thoroughbred Marketing conducts business marketing for either short term projects to launch a product or new service, or on a longer-term retainer basis.

We have experience of dovetailing into existing marketing strategies and incorporate our skill base into a team. Alternatively, Thoroughbred can completely take over the client’s business marketing operations as a remote marketing department, relieving the pressure on those who are not marketing experts and are juggling their time to promote the business on top of their primary job.

Utilising technology to work from our office for our clients, has been paramount to make our external marketing capabilities work for other businesses. Thoroughbred Marketing has great broadband connectivity and all the added extras from graphic design, to copywriting, promotional product sourcing, web design and print management in house.

The office is situated in the most stunning of locations, overlooking the Somerset Levels, the office view giving inspiration to the team when required. Working in our purpose-built open plan converted withy barn allows for staff to be able to bounce ideas of one another and to have successful brain storming sessions!

We regularly have a client call and jokingly ask us to “stop all marketing activity as stock levels are getting low”, so we tweak the product range we are promoting at that time and carry on! Let us help make the simple marketing tasks work for your business.

Get in touch

Thoroughbred Marketing has diverse experience of working with businesses to Unleash Corporate Reputations. If you are wondering if and how we could help you and your business grow its audience, please get in touch. Call, email, connect via social media, visit, write a letter – use whatever method of contacting us suits you and we can work out the best way forward.