We design and produce attention grabbing, informative packaging, stocked on shelves globally

I am sure if Thoroughbred had its time over again, we would love to start out as cardboard packaging engineers – what a title! Cutting, sticking and testing until our hearts are content. Thoroughbred has been privileged to be involved in some really iconic packaging designs over its tenure.

From designs of wrappers and stickers to go over off the shelf tubes, boxes and bottles for products, including mouth-watering fudge, jam, tea and cookies, multi-lingual packaging for products traded internationally and innovative ways to display and annotate a unique Snoodz and Mitz set for infants and toddlers.

In addition to packaging design and sourcing, we operate a consultation service to help clients start their packaging search on the right lines.

Contact the office to understand how this service could help your business with its ongoing packaging requirements.