Brochures, Price Lists, Magazines, Report and Accounts

– There is still need for print in a business.

Certain information is best held in the hands of a client and read off a physical page, the information can easily be referred back to and flicked through in the future.  Many people still do like to hold a brochure, price list, magazine or report and accounts, to look though to ensure they fully digest the details and where appropriate weigh up purchasing decisions.  All printed items we design  from brochures, prices lists, magazines, business cards and leaflets can easily be turned in to online, turnable versions, however the graphic design process still starts at the same point. 

The initial design of a brochure, price list, magazine or report and accounts, starts with what is the key information that needs to be conveyed, how many sections or pages are required and what is the best way to ultimately produce the literature. 

Understanding from the outset if the publication is a one-off requirement, or if we need to work out the best way to design the item, so it can be formatted to ensure any future editions are designed and produced as seamlessly as possible.  

Once we understand the ongoing need, we can work with the client to decide the number of pages, requirement, process, and deadlines needed.