Promotional Items

Have you ever considered a promotional item or promotional product to promote your business? Would you like a promotional product to hand out or promotional item to send in the post?

Business Promotional Items and Promotional Product buying can be a minefield – we know! Traditionally promotional items were purchased predominantly as a cost based business decision. As awareness of environmental issues increased, promotional requirements considered a recycled element or product longevity in purchases.  Now there’s been a rapid swing to personalised products, anti-microbial sprays and corporate branded PPE.  Thoroughbred is able to help with corporate promotional product supply.

What does loyalty to a promotional product supplier bring?

Thoroughbred has attended a minimum of one promotional product trade show a year, since 2004. We know each of the trade supply companies to approach, for the different enquiry our clients present us with. When we attend a show or are given a specific brief, we are able to go and search out inspiration from our diverse supplier base to help an upcoming campaign have maximum impact.

What are the trends of promotional products? Are there any new or innovative promotional products?

Over the years the promotional product trends we have witnessed, have swung from Tech and Gadgets, to Notepads (there was a time a few years back where every supplier diversified into notepads at one show!). After the airing of Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet ‘Green and Eco’ came to the fore. An added layer of corporate consciousness with consideration being placed on giving away promotional items had a use, would be kept and used, not thrown away, or ‘given to the kids’. Coronavirus brought about a big swing to branded hand sanitisers, antimicrobial or stylus pens, items which individuals could reuse in the office, e.g flasks and thermal mugs all of which have always been available however now with added relevance. Coronavirus brought about the most innovation the promotional product market has seen for a long time with key rings with hooks to open door handles coming to the market along with other products to reduce multiple people touching the same surfaces.  

The increase in environmental awareness has started to make those purchasing promotional business gifts and giveaways more aware of the sustainability of their purchasing behaviour.

Where does a business start when buying promotional products?

There is sooooo much choice of promotional items, rarely (perhaps until recently) has there been any real significant innovations. Knowing where to start the process of purchasing business promotional items is sometimes difficult. Once we at Thoroughbred understand who it is customers are looking to target, we are able to discuss options, present ideas and source items from our longstanding trusted supplier base. We feel it is important to have met all our supplier companies, understand their ethos for promotional products and sourcing. We we have worked with lots of our promotional product suppliers for many years.

Thoroughbred removes the uncertainty of promotional product purchases and gives those looking for options, confidence their goods will turn up as detailed and on schedule. Our experience of normal printed items enables us to pair a promotional product up with a postcard, brochure or emailing campaign for added impact.