Designing and launching business websites

Producing Websites and Web Design that deliver results for businesses

At Thoroughbred as part of Unleashing Corporate Reputations, we work to ensure the online presence and website of a company reflects their proposition whilst improving interactions with their target customer base. Company website requirements will differ from one business to another, depending on each businesses need.

What should a website achieve?

Websites should guide visitors on a journey. Consideration is required to identify where different visitors are going to jump on board the website.  What information they are looking to see, read and experience at each step of their browsing journey.

Websites need to be easy to follow, maintain interest, be informative, gain and build trust in your brand or the service you are offering. Website visitors can view a website on multiple occasions, refining their search, looking for slightly different information or reassurances each time they. Visitors need to be able to find and see clear information about your service offering.  Websites help visitors gain trust in your business proposition, provide reassurance from the comments of others and enable simple glitch free purchases.

What do we jointly need to consider when thinking through a new or upgraded website?

When working with clients, whether it’s starting out with a first time website, taking a website to the next level, or perhaps offering e-commerce, Thoroughbred can help.  We help systemise online sales, physical or virtual course sign ups and integral payment handling.  We can assist with content writing, navigation and version upgrades.  We work with our clients to discuss options and work out a way forward to achieve business goals via your website.

We can handle everything from guiding through the purchase of domain names, we arrange website hosting and setting up client email accounts.  No matter at what point people approach Thoroughbred for assistance with website design, we can help them with their journey.

Recently we were in the final stages of preparation to launch a customer’s website, they emailed to say

Data and Stats.

We don’t like getting too techie, as that is not our style of communication. Ultimately most businesses are looking for a website that looks good, ties in with other branding, guides visitors on a journey and that they can check, check and triple check before it goes live.

If you are looking for a WordPress or Drupal Website, or have a site you would like to be updated, let us know and we discuss options with you.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a company to create an engaging online presence for your company and your visitors, or are looking at ways to improve a website you already have, then please do contact us for an initial no obligation discussion. We promise to have non techie web design conversation with you.